Sunday, 8 January 2012

We all are suffering from multiple personality disorder

As I promised earlier, I am back with my new post “we all are suffering from the multiple personality disorder.” After reading the title of my post, you all must be thinking that author of the post has gone out of his mind. But, I am sure that after reading the post, you will be convinced that no other title can justify this post.
Let me first ask you a simple question, can you behave the same in front of your teacher as you behave in front of your friend? I know most of you will say no and this is what I am talking about. For every situation or for every person, we have embedded a different personality. In front of teachers or our parents we have made a personality of sincere or hardworking human being whereas, in front of our friends we use to be a cool or daring type of being. Here I just talked about only two cases but likewise, you can imagine that daily we interact with how many people and how many personalities are there along with our original personality?
Now the question comes why we have different type of personalities? The answer is very simple but most of us have never paid attention to it. In present scenario, we are living under the burden of expectations of so many people that we have forgotten our originality. We always try to be what other wants to see us. A teacher or father wants us to be a sincere person so we have embedded such type of personality in front of them. A life partner expects us to be in a supporting role so we try to be a supporter or caretaker in front of him or her. But in the due course, we have forgotten that where is the original you? Now the question comes that in the ocean of so many personalities, where is our original personality? To find our originality is bit difficult task but not impossible. As in my earlier post(The secret behind your personality), here also I want to share a simple but effective trick to identify your original personality. I am asking for only half hour from your twenty hours daily. First of all try to track the half hour of your daily life where you interact maximum with the people. After identifying that peak time, just try to find that what were the expectations of the people you met in that period and what were the changes or adjustment you made in yourself for them?
Now your half of the work is done, after identifying the root now you just have to tell yourself that next time you will not behave in that manner but will try to be original. In the starting you will find it bit difficult but gradually, you will find your original personality among the so many fake personalities.
Please do make some comments below if you have anything to say after reading the post. I will be happy to gather the views of my readers.

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