Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Remembering those childish days

Whenever I feel lonely, I used to come to my balcony to relax my mind by taking a nap on my resting chair. But today as I rested on my chair, the sweet memories of childhood flashed in my mind. After that refreshment, I felt so energetic that still I can feel the excitement of the same in my nerves. After getting the bunch of energy into my nerves, I thought that why not to remind those sweet and sour moments of childhood to my lovely readers?
For most of us the time spent in the childhood is the most memorable time for whole of the life. The most peculiar thing of the childhood is the purity of the heart. Every child is the true synonym of the god with no hidden intention and with only selfless ocean of love to ponder over everyone.

Those nasty fights just for the sake of a candy or a pencil or sharpener were the only fights which were fought in full spirit by each of us. I can bet on it that there must be a big innocent smile on your face now after remembering one or two such nasty fights of your childhood.
One more interesting thing which can bring back the smile on your face was our aim in life. Out of the 99 children from 100, each has a unique and interesting aim of life. The most interesting and amusing thing about this is that none of the children want to be a doctor or an engineer. I do remember that I had a huge craze of becoming a washer man in my childhood. I don’t know why but I was a die hard fan of the washer man in my childhood.
The discussion on the childhood can’t be completed if the craze for the toys is not discussed. Most of the ladies now reading this post can remember their sweet dolls which were the integral part of their life. Similarly, for a male child, the craze for a car or toy pistol was the biggest craze in his childhood. Playing with the toys as everything was happening in real reflects the purity of heart in the childhood days.
Also, how can we forget our obstinate behaviour in front of our parents? We never cared about what the logic of our demand? The only thing which mattered for us was the fulfilment of our demand. It’s our parents or god who knows that how difficult it was to convince us?
Another most amusing thing of the childhood was the stories of grand mom. Those stories were the integral part of our imaginary childhood days. We all had seen lots of dreams with the characters of those stories as our main heroes. Although now we all are grown up; but still those stories are impregnated somewhere deep in our heart.
Do you remember of your excuses for not going to school? We had 1000 of excuses to convince our parents that we can’t go to school. Although our success rate to convince our parents was very low but still we never lost our hope and tried again with full zeal every morning.
Although now we all have grown up but we can’t forget those sweet memories of our child hood which laid our foundation of adulthood. Neither those days will come back nor those incidents but still we can safeguard those beautiful moments as our stress buster.
All what I have written was what my heart guided me to do so. If you have anything to share regarding this post then please do make a comment below. All constructive comments are invited with open heart.R2P7T5V23RPG

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