Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The teachers who influenced my life

The word teacher itself comes with lots of respect and love. Whenever I used to remember my school days, I feel myself the most lucky person of this world to have the treasure of such resourceful teachers in my life. Let me describe this journey of my school life by keeping my most
memorable teachers in the centre.

It was the july of 1992 when I first time kept my foot on the huge ship of the school. With so many passengers on the same ship of school and with the same destination to reach, I had a little fear in my
heart as I was the newbie on the ship. But then came two sailors of the ship named Mrs.Rashmi and Mrs. Anil who look aftered me so well that my heart started treating them as my other moms in the school. I had a bonding of love and sacrifice with those teachers for my first five years of the school life. Now, even after the 14 years of my primary education, I still have a fresh picture of both in my heart.
After primary education, I was ready to travel the new journey of middle school which was little shorter than earlier journey but still long 3 years to cover. It was this period of time when I was one of
the most spoilt children of the school. As at this period of time,most of the teacher had lost faith in me but still there was a teacher named Mrs. Veena who still had lot of faith in my abilities. It was her faith which resulted in that I always scored high in her subject but could manage to score the passing marks only. The innocent and encouraging smile of Mrs. Veena is the most precious jewel of my
kitty till date.
After completing the journey of middle school, there comes the journey of two years of my high school. This was the most golden period of my life. With the juvenile energy of teen, I met with the best teachers of my life. First in the list are Mr. Kapil and Mr.Ravi. Both taught me different subjects but have one thing in common and that was their faith in my abilities. They were the real role models who nurtured a raw talent into a responsible human being. Second in this list is Mrs. Ritu Pallavi. I respect her for the true calmness and understanding of a lady. Mrs. Ritu had taught me the art of public speaking and now whenever I speak in the public place, I always give her silent tribute by reciting her name in my heart. The last mentor of this journey of high school is Mr. Vinay or Poppy bro, the man I admire for her principles and thinking. Although I didnt understand him much at that time but now I can feel and understand the meaning of each single word said by him.
The last destination of this 12 year long journey was my senior secondary education. The name which influenced me alot in this period is Mrs. Rama kapdi. She created so much interest in her subject that it laid the foundation of my further education. Although she never shown faith on my abilities but still she is my one of favourte teachers just for the sake of her command over her subject.

This was the small journey which I shared with you all. I would be happy to gather some views from your side. Please do make some comments below regarding my this post.