Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The secret behind your personality

Have you ever heard about the word persona?  This single word persona has to reveal a lot about your personality. The word persona has Greek origin which was used for special kind of masks there. These masks were used to cover the face and to symbolise different personalities. In the similar fashion, our personality is nothing but the mask of thoughts covered on our originality.  When a child takes birth, he has zero thoughts and this is the reason why all the new born babies have almost the same personalities. But, the whole game changes when the child starts interacting with the outer world.

This outer world is the mother for every individual’s personality. Every single second spend by the individual in this outer world gives rise to a new thought and which alter the originality of the individual to a new fake personality. To change the originality to a so called personality is not a one day game but requires lot of years. Everything starts from a single thought and then goes to hundreds, thousands, lakhs and then ultimately infinity. Isn’t it strange that whatever we are today is just nothing but these uncountable thoughts? And the most interesting thing is that every single thought is a part of your personality.

Now the question comes that from where these thoughts came from? The answer seems to be simple but in actual is the most complex one. Ever thought which is the integral part of your personality has a common origin and that is your mind. Wherever you are or whatever you do, your mind always keeps an eye on your each activity and concludes yours every deed into a new thought. I think this is the chief reason that why our ancestor had said that your company is the most important tool to determine your personality.

Now the question which will strike in every individual’s mind that can we regulate our thoughts or can we have an eye on our own thoughts? If I have to answer this then I will say that yes we can but it requires lots of patience and which comes through practice. Our mind has become so expert in cheating us that it can make us fool thousand times in a single minute. To regulate your thoughts I will share two simple tricks with you which seem to be very simple but in actual they are not.

If I ask you that do you love music? I know the most of you will answer it with affirmation. But if ask that whenever you listen a song then, how many of you are able to listen the whole lyrics of the song without any distraction from your mind? Now the question has become complex and also I think you also got the idea of my trick. Daily, just try to listen the lyrics of one song which you like most. In the starting, you will find it little difficult but slowly slowly, you will find that what kind of thoughts are coming into your mind and the ways to tackle with them. With this simple trick, you will also start recognising your original personality covered behind the mask of your thoughts.

The second trick is also as simple as earlier, whenever you go for a walk alone then, just try to count your steps. The methodology of this trick is different but the objective and purpose is the same and that is just to realise the origin of your thoughts and to identify our originality.

Whatever I have written earlier is my own finding and discovery about the life and feels happy if you will give at least a thought on it. After reading this, if you have anything in your mind then, please feel free to jot it down. I will gladly gather all the views of my readers.

My next blog on which I am working is “We all suffering from multiple personality disorder.” I will share it soon with you. Till then, bye and have a great day.


  1. Really good agar apne kahi se copy nahi kia to very good ...

  2. Helo dear,
    This content is really genuine. You can check it from anywhere. Whatever was written by me above is the teachings of my mentor of meditation.